Does CBD work for arthritis pain?

What is arthritis?

Arthritis is a category of diseases with many different types that primarily cause joint inflammation. Common symptoms caused from arthritis are swelling, pain, and decreased range of motion around the joints.

People of all ages, genders, and races can be affected by arthritis, and with more than 50 million adults and 300,000 children having some type of arthritis, it is the leading cause of disability in The United States. Despite not being exclusive to the older generation, the likelihood of arthritis increases with age, and women are more likely to suffer than men.

Does CBD help with arthritis pain?

Many treatments for arthritis typically focus on the symptoms, and not the specific cause. Essentially, the underlying health conditions that cause arthritis cannot normally be cured, but the symptoms can be managed with differing medications and physical therapy. The use of CBD, alongside prescribed medications from a health specialist and other recommended physical assistance, has yielded positive results for helping painful arthritis symptoms.

Harvard Health shared a poll taken by The Arthritis Foundation that showed 29% of those who completed the poll used CBD (mainly in topical or liquid form) and almost 80% of the respondents used CBD currently, had used CBD previously, or were considering using CBD. In the respondents with arthritis that were using CBD, most of them reported that they had experienced improved physical activity and more restful sleep. Additionally, a smaller percentage of those using CBD reported that their pain and stiffness had improved.

Recent studies have shown that CBD has many natural properties that are anti-inflammatory, which would be a helpful wholistic addition to your daily regimen.

The Biofit360 Relief Bundle, which includes the Relief Tincture and Relief Cream, is a natural anti-inflammatory duo. The Relief Tincture and Cream are formulated to help reduce inflammation and pain using extra strength CBD oil and premium herbal extracts. Add a few drops of the Relief Full Spectrum CBD to your favorite beverage and apply the Relief CBD Cream to your aching joints and muscles, for wholistic relief that can help you have more ease to move about your day.

CBD is a friendly addition to your daily routine that will help your body, and you, feel good.

Feel Better. Do Better. Be Better.